Nutrition according to Traditional Chinese Medicine: nourishing the body and soul
Welcome to the realm of nutrition according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where food is seen not just as nourishment, but as a powerful source of healing. Let us introduce you to the art of nourishing the body and soul through the wisdom of ancient nutritional principles.

Harmonisation with nature

In TCM, food is classified according to its energy, taste and thermal properties. By harmonising our diet with the seasons and choosing foods that resonate with our unique constitution, we can achieve optimal health and balance.

The balance of Yin and Yang

TCM nutrition emphasises the balance between the Yin (cooling and nourishing) and Yang (warming and energising) aspects of food. The interplay of these elements in the diet contributes to the proper functioning of the various functional systems in the body, thus perpetuating a state of well-being in the body.




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