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Understanding endometriosis: shedding light on a common condition
Endometriosis is a condition in which cells of the lining of the uterus grow outside the uterus, causing various symptoms such as recurrent bleeding, pain and discomfort. While some women may not experience any symptoms, others may encounter challenges such as pelvic pain and fertility difficulties.
Pain associated with endometriosis often occurs during or just before menstruation and tends to decrease until menstruation ends. Some women may also experience pain or cramping during various activities, such as urination or bowel movements. In addition, prolonged periods and spotting before menstruation may be common symptoms.

An individual approach

In TCM we distinguish between more than twenty causes of endometriosis - depending on the cause, we use different therapeutic tactics, below are some examples:

Qi deficiency and Xue stasis
Suggested TCM formula:Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang (decoction to remove stasis from the Blood Chamber)

Qi stasis and Xue stasis
Suggested TCM formula:
Xue Jie San (dragon blood powder)

Congealing Cold and Xue stasis
suggested TCM formula:
Wen Jing Tang (channel warming decoction)

Heat and Moisture accumulation and Xue stasis
suggested TCM formula:
Qing Re Tiao Xue Tang (decoction to purify heat and regulate blood)

Deficiency of Qi in both the functional circulation system of the Heart function and the functional circulation system of the Spleen-Pancreas function
Suggested TCM formula:
Gui Pi Tang (decoction referring to the Spleen)
+48 000 000 000